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  1. Frank Gordon Kirkwood
    Frank Gordon Kirkwood says:

    I am interested to join. But just as The Channel (La Manche) has kept our two countries divided for centuries, I fear that our language differences will make it impossible for me to contribute and interact efficiently with the majority of Les Econoclastes.
    While French is 10th in the top 10 languages in the world (2% of the world’s population can communicate in French), there are many more commonly used languages for global communication. The top 4 language (in which almost 50% of the worlds population communicate) are : (1) Mandarin, (2) English, (3) Hindustani and (4) Spanish.
    I was recently presenting on economics in Mozambique, where Portuguese is spoken. Many Mozambicans openly told me that the Portuguese language had significantly held back the development of their country. Simultaneous translation was provided into several languages during the symposium.
    Have you given any thought to simultaious translation facilities into and out of more widespread languages than French to stimulate the quality and impact of The Econoclastes?


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